The Aryavart Academic Program

Academic Program

At AAA we believe that true education is that which helps an individual to blossom completely. We combine academics with co-curricular activities and sports to achieve a perfect blend of the body and the mind because education is a dynamic discipline which transforms a person making him her confident, responsible, creative and independent.

The school is affiliated to the Central Board of Secondary Education. The medium of instruction is English. Students also learn Hindi, Oriya & an option of Sanskrit & French in the Middle School level. The academic session commences in the month of April every yea. The school starts at the Nursery level going up to class XII.

At each level the curriculum is meticulously planned so as to make learning enjoyable. The unique activity based learning is a journey of a child from the known to the unknown. Familiar experiences which have their roots in daily life are used to encourage a child to venture into newer territories where learning becomes an exercise of fun & discovery; this in turn leaves an indelible mark in the students mind.

Our digitally equipped classrooms make teaching – learning even more interesting by transporting our students into the virtual world of learning. Concepts come alive and make learning easy and teaching effective.

To motivate the students, the school honors scholars by academic prizes, merit certificates & scholarship, scholar badges, scholar gowns, scholar ties & commendation cards. best special education in bhubaneswar, top cbse school near me

Elementary School: Pratham Sopan

Covering Nursery to K.G. – II, the elementary school adopts an informal approach towards learning. Children here are encouraged to explore their environment while also being taught basic concepts in language, mathematics, computers, art and craft, dance and music. Activities at this level are designed to develop fine motor skills and enhance sensory development with an integration of physical education through trained personnel. In a nurturing environment they would develop an awareness of themselves as responsible and capable learners for the first time.

Junior School: Dwitiya Sopan

Spanning classes I - V, the junior school is the child's introduction to full day school. This stage of school aims to build on the child's growing spirit of discovery and exploration. Emphasis is placed on the acquisition of sound language skills, mathematical concepts and scientific fundamentals. Regular project work enables students to gain awareness and in-depth knowledge. The children are encouraged to develop good study habits and a love for learning. There are no formal tests in junior school. Appraisal of a child's progress is based on Continuous Assessment & day to day observation in the class, worksheets, participation in activities. The children are also given lessons in ethics and spirituality through simple stories.

Middle School: TrityaSopan

Comprising classes VI to VIII, this stage sees the introduction of a third language, Sanskrit, as well the detailing of history, geography, physics, chemistry and biology as separate subjects and all the excitement of their first examination. The students also learn the ancient Aryavarta philosophy of leading successful and meaningful life.

Senior School: Chaturtha Sopan

Comprising classes IX to XII, the senior school is where early life's lessons are put to test. Rigorous practice and study techniques with special emphasis on analysis and conceptualization are woven into the curriculum, as students prepare to appear for their board examinations. Students learn and start to use the life lessons from the Vedas and get ready to face the next challenge in their lives with utmost positivity.


At Aryavart, students learn to be tolerant, supportive and accepting of differences in abilities and beliefs. These values will take them beyond the narrow definitions of