Principal's Message

Dear Parents,

As I believe that we are the means by which our children are coming into this world, butwe did not design them.they are designed by "GOD". A supreme force grater thann ourselves. you may give them your love,but not your thoughts, for them they have their own thoughts. You may house their bodies, but not their souls. You may strive to be like them, but seek not to make themlike you. Children are the greatest gift from "Almighty". So carefully handles them with love and compassionate.

School is just onemediumto transfer the messages of nature for living of our children,but not the only place to learn enough about the liffe skills. They need to flourish their lives.Teachers are the medium to handholding them to enter a different world called "Book Knowledge".Butthis knowledge is not enough for our children to go for a long journey of their lives. In this content my clear message to our beloved parents for joining thier hands to make our children agood human being and gifting them to a lovely life ahead in their future.


At Aryavart, students learn to be tolerant, supportive and accepting of differences in abilities and beliefs. These values will take them beyond the narrow definitions of